Our Learner Motorcycles!

At ‘Licence 2 Ride’, our motorcycles are excellently maintained and they are all user friendly models .

Easy to use and lightweight, our learner bikes are perfect for beginners who want increased moveability. These bikes also offer a great turning circle to help you achieve and obtain that perfect ‘O’ and ‘U’ Turn (these turns will be part of your motorcycle PDA – Practical Driving Assessment).

Honda cb 125e – AKA, Lil Beastie

Say hello to your learner training motorbike, the new model Honda CB 125e. This is a great learner motorbike for new riders. Incorporating a forgiving clutch that allows for smoother gear changes. It’s easy handling is great for first time riders or riders that wish to build their confidence levels up and its comfortable upright riding position is perfect for people of all sizes. It has one of the lowest motorcycle seat height for an upright road motorbike. Fitted with crash bars for added protection and peace of mind. This learner motorcycle is equipped with a great turning circle, allowing for easier handling for ‘U’ Turn or ‘O’ turn manoeuvres

Kawasaki ER6N 650cc – R Class/Open Class Model

Our R Class Kawasaki is lightweight, compact and perfect for the rider looking to upgrade to an open class licence. The R Class motorcycle is nimble, agile, and easy to manage, perfect for an R class / Open class motorcycle rider to develop their skills. Excellent handling, and great breaks. A short wheelbase makes corners a breeze and makes light of the U Turns. Also coupled with a relatively low seat height for additional confidence. 

Our Training bikes are also fitted with crash bars, adding an extra level of protection and peace of mind to your ride.

Want to use your own bike?

If you have your own RE, REA, RN or R Class (roadworthy) motorcycle and wish to learn on it, we can come to you if you are in the local area!

*Minimum lesson duration of 2 hours for all local call outs.

*You must have at least Third-Party Property Damage Insurance cover on your motorcycle to comply with our Public Liability Insurance Policy.


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