Our Values

“By you succeeding, we succeed. That seems like a great deal to us!”

We believe learning should be fun for anyone who wants to ride a motorbike, which is why at ‘Licence 2 Ride’ we always put your learning first. If you want to learn how to confidently ride a motorbike, then we’re the ones to call.

We’re so serious about putting your learning first, that when you chose to ride with us you’ll get lessons from our company director and principle female motorcycle instructor, Gail. Combining her passion for tailored learning with her love of motorcycles, Gail will support you through your motorcycle journey with professionalism – and a little bit of humour.


Meet Gail, Our Company Director and Principle Motorcycle Instructor

I became a qualified motorcycle instructor through my training at H.A.R.T, Honda Australia Roadcraft Training. After completion of my training I was approved and accredited by the roads and maritime services NSW as a licenced motorcycle instructor. I furthered my motorcycle and training education with advanced study and trained to become an approved and accredited RMS pre-learner motorcycle instructor.

Specialising in the training and teaching of novice riders who had little or no previous experience, teaching group classes of up to 6 students at any one time. After completing my training and accreditation over several months I then successfully added another qualification to my motorcycle instructor resume, becoming an approved and accredited motorcycle assessor for the roads and maritime services, specialising in the teaching and training skills, and assessing methods for novice and new motorcycle riders.

I have trained hundreds of new riders from 16 years old to 80 years old. I’ve trained mothers and sons, fathers and sons, siblings , stay at home mums, empty nesters, mothers and daughters, grandparents, police, doctors, tradies, pilots, nurses, machanics, bodybuilders,  teachers and students . The list is endless, and we love diversity.

Having enjoyed my training and the learning environment experienced at H.A.R.T  I continued my journey with them working there as a motorcycle instructor and assessor running the pre-learner accredited RMS courses, which involved my love of teaching and assessment.

In my opinion, the training I received at H.A.R.T was second to none. Working closely with and learning from significantly recognised senior Instructors who I consider some of the best, if not the best in the industry. It only inspired me greater to become the best motorcycle instructor I could be and to never give up on a dream. Mostly, never forget to be kind, compassionate and understanding. If you lose that, you’ve lost, and that’s not somewhere I ever want to be.

Motorcycle riding is not niche to a certain type of demographic, it’s there for anyone who wants to learn. I believe everyone should be able to learn in a fun and safe environment at a pace and learning style that is suited best to them.

As a cert IV accredited motorcycle instructor through the DOT (Department of Transport) WA and approved and accredited by the RMS NSW. I am qualified to help you become a safer rider and teach you and show you the skills needed to become this and help you pass your PDA (Practical Driving application). I never want to give up on my dreams and I don’t want you to give up on yours.

If you believe something is worth doing, then do it! And do it right. We’ll be with you every step of the way. 


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