“Thank you to all our students for continuing to allow us to grow. Without you we wouldn’t be who we are!”

PinsMotorcycle Licence Perth Midland Licence 2 RideTammi #My Hero24th September 2020

”After having my learners permit for way too long and putting off
lessons due to a previous bad experience with an instructor who
obviously did not care about my progress, I finally bit the bullet and
did some research which led me to Gail.

Gail has been absolutely amazing since day one, I definitely presented
her a challenge – being barely 150cm tall (4′ 9”)I really struggled to get my
balance on the bike and it affected my confidence. However, Gail has
been super patient and resourceful and I managed to get my licence on
the first go – and within my goal as well (4 days before my permit is
due to expire!).

Thank you so much Gail for all the time and effort you have put in to
teaching me how to ride safely and confidently on the road – 2020 isn’t
so bad after all!


PinsRev31st August 2020

“Had a blast going out every weekend and learning something new, all the way to the very end. Gail always knew when to move onto the next step and never lets your confidence slide. All in all, passed my licence first time after hopping onto a bike for the first time. Highly recommended.”



PinsJosh17th July 2020

“Gail was a great instructor and gives you great knowledge about riding on the road. Teaching you everything from A-Z in great detail, making you a confident safe rider.

Would definitely recommend if you are looking at getting your bike licence”. Pass 1st time!

PinsDavid22nd June 2020

“With the recent tightening of the R class licence test,  you need to be very aware of everything around you and your road positioning to pass the R class test. Gail is a very good and patient instructor. She will break your riding down and build you back up so that  you are a safe and competent rider into the future .”

PinsEmma12th June 2020

“So thankful I had Gail as my instructor. In all the lessons I had with her she was patient, kind and encouraging. I have learnt such valuable techniques from Gail. They ensure I am able to stay as safe as possible on the roads and this knowledge allows me to enjoy my riding experience to the fullest extent possible.

For anybody who wishes to learn how to ride a motorbike in the right way I would whole heartedly recommend Gail.

She is the absolute best!”

PinsBec28th May 2020

“I passed my R-E test 8 years ago.  Within a year I had upgraded to a Ninja ZX-6R and went back on to L plates, but unfortunately made a classic new rider mistake at a roundabout when I thought I was going to be hit by
a car.  After I recovered from my injuries I decided to buy a LAMS bike and get my confidence back.

At the start of this year I finally decided it was time to get my R class licence.  I did some research on various  riding schools and based on the testimonials on the ‘Licence 2 Ride’ website I thought Gail might be a good fit for me.

That was an under-statement.  Gail is an amazing teacher – always patient, encouraging and very thorough.  I passed my R class licence first time with minimal mark-downs, but more importantly I was given valuable lessons in road safety and rider attitude that will see me through for the rest of my riding days.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gail to anyone wanting to get their licence.”

PinsPaul18th May 2020
“I had almost passed my test in the UK before I came over so I engaged Gail for a lesson and drop off at the test centre. How little I knew back then.

After an embarrassing episode at the test centre, I ended up taking a heap of lessons with Gail, who got me up to speed with the road rules, as well as improving my overall abilities on the bike.

The focus was not just on passing the test, but also ensuring I had enough knowledge to stay safe on the roads once I had a licence.

I passed the test first time, and without Gail’s help, I wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

PinsJohn D.14th May 2020

“Never haven ridden a motorbike before and to satisfy a mid-life crisis I decided to get my RE motorcycle licence. I undertook lessons with Gail, from ‘Licence 2 Ride’. How lucky was I to have had Gail as my teacher, I enjoyed all our rides together and the progression of my confidence riding on public roads.

Gail ensured my skills developed at a pace that suited me and cumulated in me passing my test first time. As motorcycle handling issues arouse for me, Gail eliminated them one by one inluding a mid-training bad case of “clutchitis” (failure to release the clutch at the appropriate time and speed).

A big thank you to Gail at ‘Licence 2 Ride’
as I now have my RE licence and a motorbike of my own.
John D”

PinsMandy, 4216th April 2020

“How lucky am I to have found an instructor like Gail?
With no other riding experience, Gail’s awesome teaching helped me pass 1st time.
I love how patient and reassuring she is, she encourages you to do everything in your own time and man does she make riding lessons fun. She made me feel more like I was out riding with a mate!
Highly recommend #1
Thanks for everything Gail
You should be proud of the awesome job you do. No one could wipe the smile of my face if they tried.”

PinsBruce10th April 2020

” Licence 2 Ride was a good choice, Gail was very professional, reliable and patient. Gail made it very easy by booking my test for me . Would highly recommend! “

PinsCecile04th April 2020

“I had a great experience learning to ride with Licence 2 Ride. Gail was a great instructor , always encouraging with calm “voice in my head-set!”, also very convenient, as Gail is available weekend and public holiday.
Thanks to Gail I went from never riding a motorbike to passing my PDA first go!
Highly recommended.”

PinsBelle04th April 2020

“I don’t think I have ever smiled as much as when I passed my motorbike test! I was beaming from ear to ear knowing that I could now ride my Ducati on the roads, thanks to Gail!

I first attempted lessons a long time ago with an instructor who had no  patience and limited social skills, and made me feel so uncomfortable that I thought motorbikes probably weren’t for me. Years later, after being encouraged by my partner to try lessons again, I came across Gail’s details and reached out. Gail’s calm, patient and encouraging personality was exactly what I needed in an instructor to
boost my confidence and teach me the skills that I needed to be able to ride a motorbike on the road safely.

When I first started lessons with Gail I had zero experience. Gail patiently nurtured me through all of my lessons and never once made me
feel like I shouldn’t be on a motorbike. My lessons with Gail were the highlight of my weekend, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! I look  forward to coming back to Gail in a few years time when I’m ready to tackle my R class licence.

Thank you again for everything!
I miss our weekend rides 🙂
Belle x ”

PinsJason23rd March 2020
“If you want to ride safe and pass your test first time then Gail at ‘Licence 2 Ride’ can teach you everything you need to know. She is an  amazing instructor who is patient and very informative and changes her teaching style so you learn the best way possible. I’m glad I choose her to be my instructor and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
PinsMelanie A.K.A Praying Ninja!03rd March 2020

“My husband bought a motorcycle and I thought, why should he have all the fun? The only problem was that I was terrified of riding. I found ‘Licence 2 Ride’ on the internet and little did I realise that I had found the perfect teacher—Gail is the Jedi Master of her craft. Even though I was anxious and had frequent brain snaps, Gail was unfailingly patient and encouraging. She covered all aspects of riding and road rules, making it fun but keeping it seriously safe, and she prepared me for my test with attention to every detail.

My husband was so impressed he asked Gail for a refresher lesson in counter-steering and emergency braking.

I found ‘Licence 2 Ride’ to be superb value for money and a great investment in riding safely and confidently. Despite my nerves and a sleepless night, I got my licence first time! “

PinsWyatt06th February 2020
“It has been a wonderful experience learning to ride with Gail at ‘ Licence 2 Ride’ as I’ve learnt the safest possible way to ride aslong as the
best techniques to use and how to control a motorbike in the best possible way. With the patients and strategies used to better the skill of becoming a safer and more confident rider I couldn’t have felt more comfortable and safer thanks to Gail. With passing my R-E licence and also my R licence with Gail has been the most awesome and rewarding experience. I would recomend family, friends and anyone looking for a great instructor with a great personality and knowledge to achieve their motorbike licence. Huge thanks to Gail for all the effort, time and patience you put into all our lessons :)”
PinsJodie24th January 2020

“I’ve had the best start to my 2020 with achieving my RE licence. None of this would have be possible without the assistance of Gail, it was her patients, guidance and knowledge that helped me achieve my goal. I can not recommend a better teacher. I am so grateful. “

PinsJamie23rd January 2020

“Gail has been an amazing instructor and worked with me to get around my tight schedule to create efficient lessons which helped me to pass first time!! Her immense knowledge of test routes and what the assessors pick out made my journey easy and enjoyable.”

PinsKaleb, Finishing 2019 on a high!31st December 2019

”Being my first time on a road bike, Gail at ‘Licence 2 Ride’ was able to teach and improve on my skills with a motorbike in a fun, easy and safe way. Gail has been able to answer any questions or enquiries I have had along the journey of learning to ride. It has been a great experience learning to ride along side Gail and have enjoyed every lesson I’ve had.”

PinsRE Motorbike Lessons PerthAthula21st November 2019

Expertise comes from experience…….
There is no doubt, Gail is an expert teacher, I am happy to confirm that. With my earlier experience in SRI Lanka, Japan and now  Australia, surprised and excited I’ve finally got my RE Motorcycle LICENCE!! HOW……..as a new comer with a strong language barrier she had very good understanding, patience, attention, focus, confidence, techniques for
safety, progress tracking and always willing to emphasise a point. For example, drawing pictures to illustrate, and sending  personalised notes after each lesson. That’s why Gail is the EXPERT and I highly recommend ‘Licence 2 Ride’ to anyone!!!!.

PinsKade24th October 2019

“Gail has been an awesome instructor from start to finish. She was very patient with me and has a great sense of humour, which made every lesson a pleasure. Each lesson was tailored to me in advance, which made it very easy to
progress my riding skills, which was well needed as I’d never been on a bike before.
I can’t recommend her enough and I look forward to getting some more lessons with Gail before going for my R class license.”

PinsMotorcycle Lessons Near Me PerthRegan16th September 2019

”Gail at ‘Licence to Ride’ was fantastic.
Right from the start everything was explained simply and in great detail. The bike was maintained exceptionally well. The work that Gail puts into the training plan is fantastic you can turn up on test day with confidence you will pass. I highly recommend Licence 2 Ride”.

PinsMotorbike Lessons Near MeDylan10th September 2019

“Gail was everything you expect from an instructor, but more. Working away
on a 4 week on, 1 week off roster made my journey quite different. I would
only see her once or twice every 5 weeks. Even with this every lesson was
planned, previous lessons were noted and every lesson would be an
improvement on the last. Setting me up perfectly to pass the PDA 1st time.
Could not recommend her more!”

PinsTristan27th August 2019

“Having ridden motorbikes before but never on the road. Gail catered
lessons to my skill level with a friendly demeanor aimed at improving
riding techniques, and avoiding bad habits. Not only to pass the PDA on my
first attempt but also remaining safe on the road after that. I would
highly recommend to everyone at any skill level.”

PinsDanny20th August 2019

”Just wanted to say thanks again. Teaching every aspect of road safety,  and being easy going helped me get my licence first go. Glad I choose ‘Licence 2 Ride’. Highly Recommended!”

PinsLaura22nd July 2019

“I started out as a very anxious and nervous rider, but Gail’s extensive
knowledge and calm demeanour gave me the confidence and skills I needed to
pass my test! She’s very well organised and started every lesson with a
recap of the last, before letting me know what we would be working on that
day. I can’t  recommend ‘Licence 2 Ride’ highly enough!”

PinsBen16th July 2019

“Still smiling after passing my R-E at first attempt and I can’t recommend
Gail enough.  She is calm and professional. Gail keeps meticulous track of your progress with each lesson
building on the previous, which I found maximised my use of time with an
instructor.  The  Honda CB’s are well maintained and easy to ride –
but now looking forward to riding my 1975 RD250.”

PinsHow to Pass your motorcycle PDA Test Midland 1st TimeKelvin29th June 2019

“I had the most excellent day today with the help of Gail at ‘Licence 2
Ride’, she helped me pass the riding test 1st time, I can’t say enough about her great
attitude, patience, guidance and helping me achieve my goal! Big
thanks again Gail, see you on the road and stay safe.”

PinsGeorgie18th June 2019

“Learning to ride a motorcycle has been a long held dream of mine and Gail
in all her brilliance helped me go from complete bike riding novice, too
passing my PDA first time.

Gail’s teaching style is the perfect mix of passion for riding and rider
safety, patience and professionalism. she made me feel comfortable both on
and off the bike.

I highly recommend Gail if you are thinking about getting into riding she
is absolutely amazing.”

PinsPhil29th May 2019
“A massive shout out to Gail at ‘Licence 2 Ride’ for working her magic and getting me through my licence first go! Gail’s attention to detail and focus on safety was a real stand out for me after years of developing bad habits driving and riding on dirt… Having very little experience on the road or road bikes Gail was quickly able to put me at ease and instil confidence and change my riding technique to suit the tarmac. Was super impressed by Gail’s professionalism right from the get go with the initial consultation right through to the testing day – she’s with you every step of the way going above and beyond!
Can highly recommend the services of ‘Licence 2 Ride’ for anyone considering their two wheel future! Thanks again Gail – you’re a super star!”
PinsJohanna28th May 2019

“Licence 2 Ride taught me from the start the basic key things to learn like
a true safe rider, from the first day to the last day I never felt unsafe
or put in an uncomfortable position, Gail really taught me so many skills
that I won’t ever forget and now I know I can ride everywhere with
absolute confidence. Thanks Gail.”

PinsAndi11th May 2019

“Licence to Ride is an excellent company, I had never ridden a motorbike
and Gail got me through my test on my first time! I initially picked the
company because of its location, but after meeting Gail I felt completely
at ease. I have recommended ‘Licence 2 Ride’ to a number of people and my
wife is planning on using them for her lessons!

PinsMotorcycle Lessons Midland Licence 2 RideDale 56 Years of Age29th April 2019

“Licence 2 Ride allowed me to realise a long term dream I thought I may have left too late.  After trying a few riding schools I settled on Licence 2 Ride for their attitude to safety and flexibility in lesson times.  Gail’s absolute focus on safety and attention to detail gave me the confidence I needed to learn to ride competently and to pass my assessment first time.  If you are looking for safety, respect and flexibility I can confirm that Licence 2 Ride have it all.”

PinsRE Motorcycle Lessons MidlandAndrea08th February 2019

“Just got back from Tassie! It was awesome. Everyone said what a good rider I was. Thanks teach!”

PinsMotorcycle Lessons Perth MidlandJesse25th January 2019
“Gail was awesome! She gave me the confidence to go from hardly any experience on the bike to passing my test first shot. She’s very big on safety and has a nice calming voice which really helped when we were out on the road. I’d definatly recommend Licence 2 Ride to any rider no matter what your skill level.”
PinsTroy08th January 2019

“Gail’s lessons are very good, always calm when talking to you, never pushed me too hard. Gail has helped me into a much safer rider. When it came to test time I felt confident and ready to pass and did so on the first go! I will be recommending Gail to anyone who wants to learn to ride.”

PinsDave30th November 2018

“I’ve really enjoyed the lessons leading up to test day and it’s almost a shame I passed first go! I’ll definitely be back when it’s time to get my unrestricted license. Gail is very professional and without a doubt has helped me become a safer rider. Thank you! 😉 “

PinsTamara15th October 2018

“Got my RE licence with Gail, I am a very nervous person and with Gail’s help and constant support I passed my test. She is extremely patient and very highly recommended. Thanks Gail.”

PinsAdrian21st August 2018

“Licence 2 Ride provided me with top class training which helped me get my motorcycle licence. Gail is an excellent instructor and very professional, the right balance between emphasising the seriousness of riding a motorcycle as well as the enjoyment.”

PinsShana18th August 2018

“Today I passed my licence test and it’s all thanks to the support from Gail at Licence 2 Ride. When I first started doing lessons my confidence was low and I was questioning myself on the road constantly. I found Gail to
be an amazing instructor, she has helped my confidence grow with clear instructions and great guidance.”

PinsKaye05th July 2018

“I would recommend Gail @ licence 2 Ride anytime for any type of student looking to ride or upgrade their skills. The equipment was always ready to go, lessons were practical, and advice was second to none. Gail ensured I was ready and coached me through to my test, where I managed to pass first time. It was a really great experience and I was so elated to have passed and get out on my own wheels. I was originally highly anxious about the test and Gail put me at ease, even down to the final seconds before my test! We did everything in my own time when I was comfortable, so I was relaxed and confident when the time came to complete the test and get out on the road.”

PinsScott & Darrilyn29th June 2018

“As the mother of 16 year old boy getting his first moped licence, it was obviously a very nervous time for me. After meeting you, it set my mind at ease knowing that he was in your hands, especially with your focus on ‘safe’ riding – you mentioned that ‘safety focus’ in every after lesson debrief.

Scott responded well to the way you taught him, taking in all the lessons and advice that you gave him. I feel confident that he now has the skills to be a careful and safe rider for both himself and other users of the road. He is looking forward to taking future lessons with you to obtain his 250 motorcycle licence. Thank you

PinsJamie31st May 2018

“I approached Gail the Owner Operator of Licence 2 Ride, to assist me gaining the much-coveted R-E class, allowing me to do what I thoroughly enjoy by riding motorcycles. Gail and myself hit it off, making great steps gaining the confidence to ride safely and allowing me to patiently learn the skills to ride on two wheels. I enjoyed my experience with Licence 2 Ride because the quality of lessons, providing the necessary knowledge and feedback to not only pass the riding test, but also but to help me ride safely in for years to come. I happily recommend Licence 2 Ride to any novice, or experienced rider who is looking to take that next step in their riding experience.”

PinsCharlotte22nd May 2018

“I can’t thank Gail enough for her patience and amazing teaching skills. Gail made me feel comfortable and secure on the bike unlike previous instructors I have had. It was always fun and will be forever thankful. I would highly, highly recommend Licence2Ride for anyone who is just starting off or needing to polish up their riding skills. I will miss it!”

PinsGraham11th April 2018

“I really enjoyed my motorcycle lessons with Gail. She was incredibly thorough and has a great skill at keeping the lessons fun at the same time. It was important for me to find a riding instructor who could accommodate my very busy schedule and Gail was fantastic. Highly recommended! Thanks Gail”